Technical Documentation


Do you need the content of your technical documentation to be adapted following changes to your product?

Or are you planning to migrate your existing documentation to a different word processing application?

Do you need to homogenize the terminology used, restructure existing documentation or implement a new layout?

Or are you worried that your design guidelines may not meet the current safety legislation?

How you can benefit

  • added value for your product
  • reduced training outlay
  • fewer complaints
  • greater customer satisfaction
  • reduced outlay for support and customer service
  • adherence to statutory requirements and directives
  • minimized liability risks

bluedoc delivers

  • design and authoring of technical documentation
  • restructuring and reworking of existing documentation
  • development, maintenance and archival of boilerplate texts
  • migration of existing documents to other formats
  • change management
  • production, including typesetting, layouting and illustration
  • translation management
  • consultation in respect of the process and the use of suitable tools

Good technical documentation not only brings increased benefit to the customer; it also adds to the value of your product.